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We live the mountain lifestyle.  Everyday we get outside and do something fun.  Hiking, mountain biking, Road Biking, Trail running, Paddle Boarding or just relaxing in the mountains.  Let us know what you like to do and we will help find the perfect home for your mountain lifestyle. 

Why Invest with BASECAMP Properties?

Working from home has become common.  Let us help you find a perfect remote-work house in Lake Tahoe. 
Take to the trails around the Lake Tahoe Basin. Make it a short hike or a multi-day adventure.
Home to some of the worlds best skiers Lake Tahoe has skiing for all abilities
Mountain Biking
Lake Tahoe has some of the best mountain biking trails in the world

Live here full time or part time

Call Lake Tahoe Home or come up for weekends.  

BaseCamp Properties agents will help you find the perfect place to live or get away.